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TROGIR - 2800 years of history and life in this “town monument” have always been in perfect balance, painting the world a beautiful picture of culture and joys of life.

This was recognized by UNESCO, which proclaimed Trogir a monument of world heritage in its whole. Visit Trogir and feel the lush beauty of stone monuments from the days of antiquity, the mystique of the streets and the harmony of colour and form in paintings and carvings.

Besides "important" historical monuments there are numerous "anonymous" old houses which hide old family emblems, or architectural details "lost" on some facades or ivy-overgrown courtyards with stone wells. The main town square with the Cathedral and the Rector's palace is particularly charming.

A pleasant walk on the sunbathed waterfront is also a unique experience, as it is to get lost in the narrow streets called "kale".